Illuminate with beauty dish

09th October 2014 - Lighting - Comments
In this new section of the blog I 'm going to show, week after week, different illuminations I use in my studio.

I will show the lighting scheme on a graph, and the final result of photography. I hope you like it!

Lighting with a single flash (beauty dish)

This lighting system is as simple as powerful. It is one of my favorites and when you use it, it may also become one of your essential schemes.
The placement is very simple. We put a plate of about 30 cm beauty model at an angle of about 30 degrees, pointing at the face. Flash height
must be about 20 cm higher than the model. Then we measure our photometer and place the diaphragm on our camera . Once done the whole
process, we can only shoot.

Normally, I usually add a reflector front/tilted way to fill in the shadows on the chin.

esquema de iluminación

With this simple lighting scheme we can get results like this and with just flah.


Resultado del esquema de iluminación con un plato de beauty

I hope you like this!


See you next week!

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