What would you do for love?

30th September 2014 - Videoclips - Comments -

One of the first things I would post on this new blog is the video we made about 3 months ago for the artist: "Natural Colours". It tells the story of
two lovers who want both, they need to know what it would feel being in each other's skin. It is so sweet that sometimes scary. Suggestive and
different, you like it or hate it, but it leave not you indifferent, and that's wonderful.

For the video we have the wonderful performances of Armando del Rio (known for his roles in "Jamon, Jamon" and "Historias del Kronen" among
many others), and Iris Trinidad. As director was the same "Natural Colour" (Nacho Scola) and a server in the filming, editing and production.
In addition to the magnificent team of hair and makeup: Juan Fortun and Pilar Aguirre. Director of photography And we have a very talented
Italian: Shahin Dejbakhsh.

The result, judge him yourselves!

Written and Directed by Nacho Scola.
Actors: Armando del Rio, Iris Trinidad.
Edition and Production: Alfi Gomez.
Photography Direction: Shahin Dejbakhsh.
Assistant photography: Pilar Lopez.
Camera: Leixandre Froure
Make up: Juan Fortun
Hair style: Pilar Aguirre

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